In this candid chat with us, Smriti Kalra speaks about her creativity on banded fingers on her injury and also on her birthday.

Smriti Kalra who is currently seen as Neha in Itti Si Khushi on Sony TV has been loved and quite appreciated by the audience for her bubbly avatar that she portrays on screen. Well, we have seen Neha with some smiley banded tied on her fingers. On this, we thought of speaking to her and asking her what had actually happened to her fingers and who was the creative mind behind this smiley banded.

Avers Smriti, “I actually burned my hand while cooking. Since I had to shoot so yes I did find a good way of decorating it. It was my idea to draw a smiley on it but then the creatives of my show said that we will make the faces on it and the result can be seen by all now.”

Much creative you are Smriti, must say!!

Besides this, Smriti recently celebrated her birthday and to get a break from her busy schedule, she chose to fly down to Goa. Talking about her celebrations Smriti says, “Yes, I had been to Goa for my birthday and it was just simply awesome. I was there for two days. Honestly, I enjoyed every moment spent and I will cherish every second spent. I had been there with my friends and what we really enjoyed was we had been to a private beach in the night and jaise hi jor se wave aati thi, hum actually usme doob jate the. It used to be so much fun swimming along with the tides. Later in the night, there was a live music and rock and roll. I danced on it with an old women and it was so so amazing. I am just expecting a lot of happiness, prosperity and love from the coming year.”

Truly Smriti, you have a lovely thought!!

We wishes you a Belated Happy Birthday Smriti Kalra!