Smriti Kalra, the protagonist of Sony Entertainment Television’s Itti Si Khushi (Director’s Kut Productions) is reeling in pain at the moment. But this does not stop her from getting decked up for her engagement sequence on the show and giving her best.

Well, the reason for her pain is a result of her new-found passion for cooking, is what we hear!!

We hear that Smriti recently burnt her hand severely when she was cooking a dish at home. The girl wanted to try out her culinary skills, and that is when the mishap happened.

Now, Smriti manages to shoot for Itti Si Khushi with a bandaged hand. But this does not stop her from shooting day and night. In fact, the girl is now putting in the extra effort as the unit is presently shooting her engagement sequence.

A source from the set says, “Smriti is even going to dance with Anuj Sachdeva during their engagement. She is shooting despite of all the pain. The ‘Nehapanti’ in her is so much that she has even decorated her bandage for the engagement.”

When contacted, Smriti told us, “Yes, my right hand is severely burnt and I realized it after keeping my hand in cold chill water for three hours after the accident happened. I panicked as I understood that the damage is a major one and I even cried and rushed to the doctor. As of now, I am better. I have done some art work on my hand, a few smileys and stuff.”

Way to go, Smriti!! We wish you speedy recovery..