Veteran actor Dalip Tahil, who will essay the mythological character of Dashrath in ‘Siya Ke Ram’ – a show on the ‘Ramayana’ told from Sita’s perspective – says it will stress on the importance of women in the society.

Dalip believes that in the present day scenario, women are treated as lower beings and that has a lot to do with the misinterpreted imagery of Sita.

“Over the years, the culture has become such, that people take advantage of them, suppress women, dominate them… This show will highlight that ugly perceptions (about women) have been made up over the years. (This show will stress that) the matriarchal presence itself which is of great significance,” said the Buniyaad actor, at the launch of ‘Siya Ke Ram’.

As Sita’s onscreen father-in-law Dashrath, Dalip believes that it’s very important for people in today’s age, to see who Sita really was, according to the original text.

“Sita was a thinking woman, she was a strong woman. It has been long overdue that Sita is viewed from a (certain) point of view. When ‘Ramayana’ was written, the texts showed that the women were liberated in their thinking. I don’t mean that they didn’t have the femininity… they were very secure of their femininity. But over the time, that information and that fact has become adulterated.

“As of today, women are treated at a lower level in every way,” he said. The 63-year-old shared that women are unfortunately viewed in a different way. “Today, the whole concept and perception has changed. It is so blinkered, so prejudiced.”