Actor Shresth Kumar to be seen in an episodic of Laut Aao Trisha.

Since the time Laut Aao Trisha has become an episodic, audience have witnessed a lot of famous faces from our tinsel town coming in and making a guest appearance.

We had earlier reported about the case of two magicians who acquire the lesson of ‘The Mentalist’. Soon in an upcoming episode, Shresth Kumar will be seen making an appearance.

Our source reveals, “Shresth Kumar will be seen in the show for a story based on the paternity case.”

When contacted, Shresth said, “I am essaying the character of Mohan who is a son of a rich business man. Later, a girl comes in and claims that she is his daughter. Mohan’s father refuses to this fact. Since, he is politician, he tells everyone in the family that this is a planning done by the opposition party. Eventually, she is his daughter. Well, what happens to Mohan is for the viewers to watch.”

TellyBuzz wishes Shresth good luck!