Yes you heard it right! Simar and Prem to separate. Why? Read on to find out more…..

Colors show Sasural Simar Ka is gearing up for a high point as Simar (Dipika Samson) will have to leave her Sasural because Prem and Simar have decided to part their ways.

Why are Simar and Prem getting divorced?

Simar holds Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) responsible for the kidnapping of Sanjana and Anjali. Hence Prem and Simar’s relation is on the rocks. Prem tries to convince Simar but Simar is in no mood to forgive Prem. Hence, Prem will decide to end his life by jumping form the cliff where he will call Simar to meet him for one last time. However Simar will stick to her decision of not forgiving Prem.

Mata Ji will give fifteen days’ time to Simar and Prem to change their decision but both will decided to finally part ways and get divorced.

Will Simmar and Prem get separated forever?