Why will Shraddha shoot him? Read on to know…

There will be a high voltage drama in the upcoming episode of Life OK’s Piya Rangrezz as Bhanwari Devi (Narayani Shastri) will make Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) shoot with real gun as part of her test!

We have already seen that Sumer tries to teach Shraddha how to hold the gun and fire it by placing a fake bullet in her hand.Â

Now, Bhanwari Devi will get a whiff of this plan and will replaces the fake bullets with the real ones! On the other hand Aditya will be seen visiting Kali Ghati to meet Bhanwari Devi.

A source informs, “Bhanwari Devi will hand over the gun to Shraddha and will take her to Kali Ghati where she planned to meet Aditya. She will instruct Shraddha to shoot a man and unaware of the change of bullets Shraddha will fire. But go to see, the man hitting the ground post the bullet injury will turn out to be Sher (Gaurav S Bajaj) and not Aditya!”

“Seeing Sher getting shot will put Shraddha and Bhanwari Devi in deep state of shock.” Our source added.

Stay tuned to catch this high voltage drama telecast in the week ahead!