Life OK show Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh (Balaji Telefilms) started on a promising note dealing with the issue of an extra marital affair, now the show will deal with some more serious social issues.

Okay, let’s cut it short and directly come to the point.

Our source revealed that in the upcoming episodes Shobha (Sonali Bendre) will face a serious offence like domestic violence.

As per our source’s info, “After Samarth’s (Harsh Chhaya) return in the house he and Shobha will share a cold vive. Witnessing this Sharda (Alka Amin) will plan to send them away from home to spend some time together. Hence, she will book a special honeymoon suite for them in a hotel.”

“While interacting with Shobha, Samarth will gradually realize about Vikram’s (Apurva Agnihotri) place in her life. And a jealous Samarth will end up beating up Shobha,” added the source.

We also heard that Samarth will leave Shobha alone in the hotel room and return.

With this the question would arise whether Shobha would protest against this? Or will Vikram help Shobha in this matter?

Only time will tell how the makers will deal with such a serious issue with enough maturity.

We tried reaching actor Harsh Chhaya for a comment but he remained unavailable.