Fireworks Productions’ popular show Shapath on Life OK will roll out its next maha movie. Playing central roles in the story will be actor and screen writer Shiv Subramaniam, Ankit Arora, Shashank Sharma and new girl Akshita Agnihotri.

Shiv will essay a crazy scientist Mr. Bolt, who after going through a ban abroad would come to India to create something eccentric. He will bump into the DNA of a Godzilla, and want to bring it into existence. He will form a team of scientists, who would be helping him in his cause without realizing what the man is up to.

There will also be a love triangle between Divya (Akshita), Suraj (Shashank) and Varun (Ankit) who would be the team members of Mr. Bolt. Suraj and Divya will be in a relationship, but Varun would aspire to get the girl in his life. He will adapt to some evil means to get his girl, and their love triangle will interconnect with the evil plans that Mr. Bolt has to overpower mankind.

When contacted, Shiv confirmed the news saying, “Yes, I will be essaying a weird scientist who would want to create a monster.”

Shashank Sharma and Ankit Arora too confirmed this development.

Akshita who is predominantly a model will be making her acting debut in this particular episodic on TV.

The shoot for this maha movie has begun today (4 December).