Colors’ recently launched show, Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) witnessed the highpoint of the young and cute Peeya (Pragati Chaurasiya) going missing in the market area when Alka (Neha Pednekar) loses track of her. After a tense time, Peeya finally gets back home and there is complete relief in the family.

However, Shastri (Rajesh Jais) who is still shaken by the sudden disappearance of his daughter, will now decide that his daughters will not stay anymore in Delhi.

In the coming episode, he will go out of the house, fetch tickets for all the girls back to Kanpur. He will order the girls to start packing up their bags. There will be an emotional moment between the father and daughters when they will beg Shastri and try to convince him to let them stay with him. However, Narayan Shastri will be adamant and will stick firmly to the decision of sending his daughters to Kanpur.

All will be set for the sisters to leave, with the auto being summoned to take them to the station. At this moment, there will be an emotional breakdown of Shastriji after which he will decide to keep his daughters with him. The four sisters will be very excited on knowing this, and will hug their father tightly.

How will the Shastri sisters continue their battle in the new ambience of Delhi?

We tried calling Sonal Vengurlekar who essays the role of Devyani, but could not reach her.