In the coming episode, Kanak will blame Dhani for Shambu’s death.

New mystery is soon going to unfold in the lives of Dhani and Viplav on Colors’ ‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’!

Kanak who dislikes Dashrath will plot a plan against him with Tripurari. However, the plan will backfire on her as Sambhu, Kanak’s husband, will become the prey of the plan.

This tickled our curious minds too which led us to call our source and our source says, “Shambu will be in Dashrath’s room when Tripurari will enter to kill Dashtrath but due to darkness he will shoot Shambhu and he will die on the spot. Kanak will scold Tripurari for killing her husband but he will take advantage of the situation to blackmail her by showing the video clip where she told to kill Dashrath.”

“Kanak’s hatred for Dhani will just get stronger after Shambu’s death and to take revenge she will again join hands with Tripurari to stop Viplav (Mishal Raheja) and Dhaani’s (Eisha Singh) marriage. She portray Dhani as a black omen to the family. However, Viplav, being a true lover, will support Dhani. He somehow knows that Shambu was murdered and didn’t die because of Dhani’s bad luck. He will then start finding the evidence to prove it.” ends the source.

Will Viplay be able to see Kanak’s evil side?

Stay tuned to know more…