Audiences of Indian Hindi television series have witnessed many star studded wedding on screen.

Now, it’s time to witness an adventurous marriage sequence.

Yes, it seems that the upcoming sequence in Life OK’s drama Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant (Sonali and Amir Jaffer) will be one fun watch for the audience.

A recent promo released by the channel shows that in coming days Rajni (Ridhima Pandit) and Shaan (Karan V. Grover) will get married to each other.

While taking the wedding vows, unaware of the customs prevailing in human society, Rajni will also put vermillion on Shaan’s forehead. Shaan will try to cover her act by stating that Rajni believes in equality between the husband and wife, hence, she will also perform all rituals like Shaan.

A source shares, “Post wedding, during grihapravesh ritual, Rajni will not be able to understand Shaan’s instructions and will end up hitting her mother-in-law”.

It seems that the beginning of the new relationship between the in-laws is not going to be too pleasant.

Unfortunately, Ridhima remained unavailable for a comment.