Bigg Boss 8′ Secret Society members to treat all the inmates living in the aircraft with a kitchen.

Colors Bigg Boss 8 is on the minds of all since the time show has gone on air. We have been keep the audience updated with all the news regarding Bigg Boss 8. We had earlier reported about the two inmates that have been upgraded to the Business Class.

Up next, the news that we got is that all the inmates in the aircraft will be getting a super surprise from the Secret Society members. Well why? Every contestant who was asked to give a Qurbaani – be it for food or sleep or movement, everyone did it to perfection which left the Secret Society members happy. Thus, they decided to treat all of them with the food they like. The kitchen space for the inmates in aircraft was open and the ingredients too were given to them. They can cook whatever they wish for, but the ration allotted to them has to be used for a week. They will not be given the ingredients if the food gets over anytime.

Well, with this, it is clear that inmates will be in the aircraft for a week for sure.

We will keep you posted with what happens next.

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