Soon an interesting task will be assigned to Sushant Divgikar and Diandra by Secret Society as part of Qurbani in Bigg Boss 8.

Colors’ Bigg Boss is just two days older and game has already begun in the house. As the task in the show get a notch higher by the day, another task assigned to these contestants is covering their body with mud and standing in Michael Jackson’s position.

Secret society will assign this task to the two inmates where they will have to sacrifice their freedom of moment and for this task they will select Diandra Soares and Sushant Divgikar.

Well the task doesn’t end here because Bigg Boss is all about bringing twists and turns to make all the contestants’ life difficult in the house. So the twist will be that if Sushant and Diandra move from their positions, then the other inmates will be given a task to freeze in whatever position they are till Sushant and Diandra gather strength to get back in the position.

The task seems to be really tough and how Sushant and Diandra will get rid of mud as there is crisis of water in the house. All in all it will be quite interesting to see how inmates will tackle the situation.

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