The dashing and sexy Vibhav Roy took the audience by storm with his fine acting skills and talent with his debut role as Nikhil in Gustakh Dil (Ravi Ojha Productions). While he is the eye-candy of many girls, We gets chatty with him as he shares some healthy tips in our lifestyle section.

Personal fitness mantra?

Eat healthy, sleep well and exercise every day.

Personal diet mantra?

I make sure to avoid consuming carbs post 7pm.

Are you a foodie?

Yes, I am a big time foodie.

Exercise routine?

I do four days of weight training and dedicate a day to cardio.

Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?

I am a vegetarian but I have started eating eggs to build up on my muscles.

Favourite cuisine?


Favourite dish?

I love eating panner makhani.

A must on your breakfast table?

Oats and orange juice are must on my breakfast table.

Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee?

I prefer sugar free coffee.

Lunch generally consists of?

My lunch generally consists of a foot long subway or pasta.

Dinner generally consists of?

I prefer eating salad and boiled eggs for dinner.

Dessert delights?

Desserts are a complete no-no for me.

My favourite drink (non-alcoholic)?

I prefer diet coke.

My favourite drink (alcoholic)?

I do not consume alcohol.

Most unusual dish I have tasted?

Hmm…I cannot recollect.

Experiment with food?

I do not experiment with food and like to play safe.

On the streets I love to have?

I can drool over pani puri, kathi rolls and momos.

Do you cook?

I do not cook at all.

Fitness tip?

Khao, piyo aur khush raho…that’s the secret to being healthy!