The word of the evening is ‘horrendous’!!!

Oxford dictionary defines it as “extremely unpleasant, horrifying, or terrible”, and we can state with utmost surety that the term has become synonymous with the disgusting, appalling and cringe worthy behavior of Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om.

Coin the word ‘thinking’ and one conjures up images of facts, numbers, ideas, data among others. But thought is not a didactic flow in mind, imagination in humans is all about stories, fictional imageries taking us to realms which reprieve us from our daily ordeal of existence.

And Indian television with its vast reach helps weave millions of images in the minds of audiences across the length and breadth of the country.

Bigg Boss has a huge mass appeal. The show with its colourful concoction of characters has always tugged varied emotional chords among viewers.

But this year the content has been repugnant and repulsive, so far. We have been avid watchers of the reality show, which has seen a decline in soul and spirit with passing years. In the past, the house has seen inspiring tales of love and friendship, balmy bonhomies and magical moments of candor and chivalry. Each season left us with scenes to cherish and later contemplate on the theory of existence.

Alas, the last couple of seasons, it’s been all about abominable human behavior, content abounding in negativity and vexation.

Bigg Boss, at times, makes hell look sexy!!!

Season 10 has reached a crescendo of tawdriness with the hiring of Swami Om, who in the garb of religiousness is nothing but a shame of a person.

That he is psychotic is clear, that he has a criminal bent of mind is clear, that he is ruthless is clear, that he is dangerous is also clear…the alarm bells have been ringing since long, then why was he allowed to continue with his dance of ignominy for so long by the makers (Colors and Endemol India)? Numbers above all…all hail the ratings chart.

We earlier reported about Swami Om’s negative influence on television viewers and called for his ousting, a claim which turned into a deafening clamor with each passing day among fans of the show and general audience.

The drama continued till it reached its dishonorable peak. Yes, during a task, Swami Om threw his pee on co contestant Bani, enraging all other inmates and drawing a slap from Rohan. Hapless and left with no choice, Swami Om has been asked to leave the show.

Shocked are we? Not at all. We saw it coming, may be the makers didn’t, blinded by the TRP cloth. And we are sure that at this hour creatives of the series will be racking brains to chalk paths for his re entry. Why shouldn’t they? Ganda hai par dhanda hai.

As of now, Swami is out and that brings some solace to those who still have faith on sanity. Enjoy till it lasts.