Kavita’s entry will unfold a big revelation drama in the show! Read on…

The ongoing track of Swaragini highlights a mysterious woman (Sonia Shah), who has a hand in Durgaprasad’s current miserable condition.

Swara (Helly Shah) who recently became a detective in this case, will unfold the mystery of this unknown lady.

Our source informs, “In the coming episodes, Swara will confront that mysterious woman, who will blame Durgaprasad to be a murderer and accuse him of killing an innocent girl. Swara will not be able believe her and will notice that the lady is getting continuous calls on her cell phone. Swara will then trace the number and reach to the place, from where the calls were being sourced. The unknown number would turn out to be the hospital’s number, where Kavita has been kept.”

The mysterious lady will be none other than Kavita’s mother. However, while everyone assumes Kavita as dead, she would have actually been in coma for many years and would have recovered now. Swara will take Kavita to the Maheshwari family, being unaware about the fact that she is Sanskar’s ex-lover.

Swara will bring Kavita in front of everyone to unravel the truth behind the mysterious woman. The entire family will be shocked on seeing Kavita alive.

But what about Sanskar (Varun Kapoor)? Will he go back to his first love or will he show his loyalty towards Swara?

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