It’s going to be quite a lot of ‘Sangeet’ drama in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (Director’s Kut) with Vikram Purohit (Vinay Jain) and Bhavna (Reena Kapoor) coming face to face!!

The confrontation between them will happen in the dance sequence wherein all will be masked. Everyone present will be dancing to the number ‘Parda Hai Parda’ from the movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai, and at the end of the dance, when everyone would remove the mask, the dreaded confrontation will happen.

Also, there will be drama when Akshat (Waseem Mushtaq) will put Arpita (Niketa Agarwal) to a lot of embarrassment when he would deliberately change the CD containing the number that she will be dancing to at the sangeet.

A source states, “Akshat will be angry with Arpita as she would have picked up a solo dance number for the sangeet, instead of dancing with him. In order to get back at her, he will replace the CD and put in a cheap song instead. And when Arpita would be about to start her dance, she will be embarrassed with a very cheap song playing. Akshat would not realize that he is going overboard with his reaction.”

Also, the highlight of the Sangeet will be Raj (Mishkat Varma) and Avni’s (Kanchi Singh) dance on the number ‘Meherbaan’ wherein they will exchange marital vows.

Catch the sangeet excitement filled with drama this week in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.