Sushant Divgikar is one of the most loved and popular contestants from the last season of Bigg Boss (Endemol & Colors).

The young lad, for sure entertained the audience during his stint on the biggest controversial reality show. But, much to his disappointment he believes that this time the contestants of Bigg Boss Nau have failed to grab many eyeballs.

In a chat with us Sushant shared his thoughts about the ongoing season of Bigg Boss. “Unfortunately, this season is not being able to garner much interest for the audience, and time slot I believe is a major issue. Secondly, the contestants are not engaging into any entertaining or fun activity, which is making the show dull”.

“The worst part is none of the inmates is putting any effort on their part to make the series amusing. Almost eight weeks have passed but nobody has completed a task successfully. Even for the weekend special episodes, the participants don’t even bother to dress up well and present themselves properly in front of audience and Salman Khan. On the other hand, I feel that Salman is the only entertaining personality on Bigg Boss. With Salman’s antics, weekend episodes are fun watch for audience”, added Sushant.

So, given a chance, would you like to go to Bigg Boss house once more? And Sushant quipped, “Not this season. On a second thought I might prefer to enter the house once more as I will be the one in the lot, who will be able to enthrall the audience”.

Even we wish for the same Sushant.