With the deadly attack on Dev (Bhuvnesh Mann) things have spiced up in Star Plus’ Ek Hasina Thi (Cinevistaas Productions). Although viewers already know that it was Shaurya (Vatsal Sheth) who was behind all the happenings it will be time for his mother Sakshi (Simone Singh) to also learn about the reality.

Sakshi, after noticing Shaurya’s strange behaviour, will decide to find more about the assassination attempt on Dev. She will have a strong hunch about Shaurya being responsible for all the ill deeds, but will not know how to solve this mystery.

This is when Sakshi will decide to speak to Karan, Shaurya’s best friend and make him talk on the matter. As expected, Karan will fall for Sakshi’s trap and he will reveal everything to her.

Shares a source, “Sakshi would very smartly make Karan blurt out the truth and then decide to tackle Shaurya in her own way.”

Along with Rajnath (Ayub Khan), Sakshi will corner Shaurya and tell him that the CBI has commenced the investigation process and the officers have been pointing their finger of suspicion towards Shaurya.

“Sakshi will tell Shaurya that confessing about the crime will be the only way to save his life,” shared a source.

Will Shaurya admit? What will Sakshi do next?

We tried reaching Simone but she kept busy shooting.