Sony Entertainment Television’s Humsafars (4 Lions Films) is slowly heading towards the romance of Sahir (Harshad Chopda) and Aarzoo (Shivya Pathania).

Yes, you heard it right!! The Panchgani trip that both will embark on to attend a fashion event will give them a taste of ‘love’ as well as ‘agony’.

Why are we saying so?

Well, Sahir would have decided to go to Panchgani along with Anam (Payal Rohatgi), but owing to an unforeseen happening, Anam will not be able to accompany Sahir. And it will be Aarzoo going with him.

While on their car journey to Panchgani, Aarzoo would cause an accident as a result of which Sahir’s car would fall into a drain. With both of them stranded, they will seek help from a group of young men who would direct them to a tent house in the jungle where they can get some rest.

However, the same men would get back again to bully Aarzoo and misbehave with her. This will be when Sahir will get into a scuffle with the men, after which Sahir and Aarzoo would be seen running for their lives.

A source states that all through their encounters in the jungle, Sahir and Aarzoo will get caught in cute romantic moments and this will come a treat for the loyal viewers of the show. There would come a moment where Sahir would go all out in expressing his love for Aarzoo. He will come close to kissing her, when he would get reminded of his dreadful past. Something will stop him from going ahead and kissing his new-found soul mate.

Again, the question will rise as to what Sahir’s bad past is all about. The next moment Sahir will be seen getting into an ‘angry young man’ mood, uprooting plants and yelling in a wild manner cursing his fate, even while a confused Aarzoo would wonder what’s wrong with him.

Will Sahir’s past be an obstacle to him getting close to Aarzoo?

We tried calling Harshad, but did not get in touch with him.

This particular sequence is being shot right now and will be on air soon.