Harshad Chopda, as the volatile Sahir Chaudhary in Sony Entertainment Television’s Humsafars (4 Lions Films) has been liked by one and all. That very element of sorrow and pain visible in the eyes of the character has a story to tell!!

And viewers will get an indication about the painful past of Sahir in the coming episodes.

Yes, it is true!!!

We have heard that a particular scene has been shot wherein Sahir will be shown to be in a telephonic conversation with a doctor. And Sahir’s facial expressions will tell it all, that he is a man in grief.

A source further informs, “The doctor will be shown conveying to Sahir about a certain medical report. A depressed Sahir will have tears in his eyes on hearing this. He will be seen in a pensive state after the phone talk. The silence will soon wither off with Sahir getting into an extremely violent mood, wherein he will end up breaking all the things present around him. Soon he will be seen crashing to the ground, letting out a cry.”

What is the painful past that is troubling Sahir?

We tried contacting Harshad to know about this sequence that has been shot, but he did not respond.

Get to see this heart-breaker of a sequence in Humsafars soon.