A shocking twist is all set to hit Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Hum Hain Naa (DJ’s A Creative Unit).

As seen so far, Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) has been left in a troubled situation with the entry of Resham Singh (Sharhaan Singh). The man who has been forcing Sagarika to get married to him will now get caught in a murder mystery. And the victim will be none other than Sagarika herself.

Shocked? Here read the details.

Shared a source, “Resham Singh will kidnap Sagarika and take her to his farmhouse and lock her in a room. He would give her a bridal costume and tell her to get ready for their wedding.”

After sometime when Resham would enter the room to get Sagarika he will be shocked to see her missing. Strangely the wedding attire would be present there with blood stains on it.

When Resham Singh would rush out in his car to find his lady love, he would be stopped by the police for a check. And shockingly Sagarika’s dead body will be found in his car’s trunk.

Is Sagarika really dead? Or there is more to this mysterious tale?

We called Pratyusha but she did not answer our calls.