So finally the day has arrived when love will take over Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee) and Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) in Sony Entertainment Television’s Hum Hain Naa (DJs A Creative Unit).

The duo had been married long back but haven’t had the chance to consummate their marriage. Since Amma ji (Shubhangi Gokhale) did not want to accept Sagarika, she had taken a promise from Bunty that he will not give her the rights of being a wife till she accepts her as her bahu.

But now with Ammaji having accepted Sagarika post the Satya (Vinny Arora) fiasco, she will tell Bunty to go ahead and consummate his marriage with Sagarika.

So gear up to see the duo burning the screen with some scintillating time in a rustic shed with hay stacks and music to add more ‘fun’ to the ambience.

Shares a source, “Sagarika and Bunty will be seen dancing on the hit number ‘Hum Tum’ and post their sizzling dance act, they will share some cosy moments together.”

Now this is interesting isn’t it?

We called Kanwar but he did not answer our calls.

Stay hooked to the show for more interesting time ahead or better read this space.