The two will be seen reuniting once again. Good times have finally come knocking on the Modi family’s doors!

In the last episode, we saw the Modis being shell shocked after hearing that Gopi(Devoleena Bhattacharjee) wasn’t responding to any medicine, whatsoever. The doctor informed them that there’s nothing he can do to save her. Ahem(Mohammad Nazim)was furious upon hearing the same and barged into Gopi’s room. He begged for her forgiveness as she lay unconscious and asked her to not give up on life. Later, Ahem was and Kokila(Rupal Patel)  were seen performing a puja, for Gopi’s health. The episode ended on a happy note where the Modis were relieved to see Gopi’s health getting better.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Gopi gaining consciousness and talking to Ahem. The latter will ask her to forgive him and will state that he will be by her side forever, here on. An exciting track will be seen taking place in the show where Gopi and Ahem will get remarried to renew their vows. Wow!

The Modis will be ecstatic with this development but Mansi obviously won’t be too happy. She will be shattered with Gopi and Ahem’s reunion and will wonder why he ditched her for the latter.

What will Mansi’s next move be? Will she try and break Ahem- Gopi’s remarriage? Stay tuned to find out!