Colors’ Rangrasiya is gearing up with an interesting track where Myrah will get kidnapped and Rudra will come at her rescue.

Saurabh Tewari Production’s popular show Rangsaiya is all set to capture the attention of the masses where Rudra and Paro will come close to each other.

As seen in the show Rudra has started liking Myrah as she looks similar to Paro, whereas Myrah is trying to befriend Rudra but Rudra is avoiding her. Soon Rudra will start developing soft feelings for Myrah in the upcoming episode.

As per our sources, “Myrah will get kidnapped by the goons and Rudra will be worried about her. He will manage to save her and he will hug Myrah. He will call her Paro. This will shock Myrah and she will be left wondering as to know why did he call her Paro and who is Paro. But she will be happy with the fact that Rudra shows some concern for her and saves her from the danger.”

“While saving Myrah she will get hurt and so after they reach home, Rudra will call the doctor. Thus when the doctor is about to inject her, she will start shouting as she is very scared of getting injected. She will ask the doctor to give her a medicine instead of injection, but doctor will deny,” adds our source.

“Rudra will come there and ask her to look at him. While there will be an eye contact of Rudra and Myrah, the doctor will inject her. Myrah will forget all the pain of an injection. Later she will go into Rudra’s room to find out who is Paro and she will come across Paro’s photograph. She will be shocked to see that Paro looks exactly like her,” concludes our source.

Will Myrah fall for Rudra after knowing the fact about his hatred towards her?

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