SAB TV’s upcoming show ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi…Lets Go’ will be a finite episode series. Read on…

The much awaited show of SAB TV, ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi…Lets Go’ is all set to hit the tube from October 28. Being a SitCom, Producer Deepti Bhatnagar decided to keep it as a finite series.

So how many episodes will it air?

This upcoming show will have a definite 65 episodes airing on television. It will be showcasing a distinct relationship of a family with its owned car. Along with this intriguing concept, the SitCom has veteran choreographer Chinni Prakash who is choreographing for the show.

The Male protagonist has shot a song with this Legend and expressing the same, one of his tweets stated, “Shooting Song for Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi with Legend Of Choreography Mr Chinni Prakash’#Jhumma chumma #Tama Tama”.

Are you guys excited to watch out for the fresh pair of Romit Raj and Srishty Rode in their upcoming venture? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below.