Craving for some ‘love shuv’ on TV?

Although most of our shows have an ample romance drama, Sphereorigins’ Mere Angne Mein definitely knows how to add some spice along.

The Star Plus’ project’s wedding drama had definitely kept you all hooked, isn’t it?

And now with Shivam (Karam Rajpal) and Riya (Ekta Kaul) finally married gear up to see a twisted romance between the two.

Shared a source to us, “Now after marriage, romance to banta hai na? And what better than play hide-and-seek with the family to add some drama along. So Shivam will sneak into Riya’s bedroom and ask her to come out with him. Though she would be scared, she will go along with him.”

Together the two will be seen romancing under the stars cherishing their togetherness.

Awwweee….so cute!

And so lost will the two be in each other’s love, that they would fall asleep in one of the benches on the road outside their home.

If you are gushing with this development, hold on to your hopes, as the family would be shocked to see them in this condition.

What lies ahead in this love story? How will the family deal with their romantic adventure?

We called Ekta but she kept busy shooting.

To know more watch the show or better read this space!