Life OK’s Gustakh Dil (Ravi Ojha Productions) picked up on a note where a village girl, Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) fell in love with a handsome and rich man, Nikhil (Vibhav Roy). Now, it is time for the show to introduce another twist in the tale.

We have seen Ayesha (Shraddha Jaiswal) confess her love to Adhiraj (Alekh Sangal). But given his not so impressive financial status, he has gone onto hide his feelings from Ayesha.

Now, there awaits another interesting surprise for the fans of Adhiraj and Ayesha where the story will get more intense and gripping.

Ayesha has decided to go abroad in order to stay away from her love, but will Adhiraj let her go?

Informs a source, “Well, Laajo will convince Adhiraj of how Ayesha will never be able to forget him or fall in love again and will suggest him to take the relation ahead. Ayesha will be on the verge of boarding the flight when Adhiraj will stop her and confess his love.”

Now, we have another interesting story in loop.

Ayesha’s family will be shell shocked and disapprove their relationship (something very predictable). But the story will keep getting intriguing.

Adhiraj is seen as a not-so-rich struggling writer. However, it will later be revealed that he would belong to a financially sound family but will stay away from his family in pursuit of his dreams.

We contacted Alekh for confirmation on the track. He stated, “I do not want to take away the excitement and hence will not talk about the track. But yes, the story will get intense and the viewers will have a visual treat watching the show is what I can assure.”

Excited to watch Adhiraj –Ayesha’s love story move ahead?

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