Life OK show Ek Boond Ishq coming up with revelation sequence which will bring a major twist in the show.

Life OK’s show Ek Boond Ishq is gearing up with a major twist where Kalawati (Vishwajeet Pradhan) will come to know that Tara (Chhavi Pandey) is alive and vice versa.

In previous episodes you have seen that Kalawati is furious about finding Tara. Kalawati and Tara’s fight has always been interesting for the viewers to watch and now this interesting fight between them will again grab their attention to the show.

How and why this is what our source has to informs us.

“In upcoming episode Kalwati will come at Sia’s (Chavi pandey) place on the occasion of Janmashtmi by donning the Avatar of Swami. As per the rituals Sia will bring water in a vessel to wash Swami ji’s feet and that’s where she will get to see the reflection of Kalawati. Sia is shocked to know that Kalwati is alive whereas Kalwati also sees Tara’s reflection in the vessel filled with water. Kalawati says that he would have to stay back with the family as there is bad omen in the house. This is how he will manage to stay in the house with Tara.”

Will Kalawati manage to kill Tara?

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