An exciting track to come up in Star Plus’ popular show Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan…

Star Plus’ popular show Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan which is known for its exciting sequence has kept the viewers hooked to TV screens. The show is all set for a revelation track about Aakash while Ananya gets to fight with a new challenge.

We heard that, “After Aakash’s (Yudhistir) sudden disappearance, Ananya (Tulip Joshi) had been trying to contact Akash but everything seems to be going in vain. Meanwhile, another troubles comes Ananya’s way when all the crew members of the flight fall sick and get hospitalized because of food poisoning.”

“On the other hand, Akash who is investigating about Mission 2877, gets to know that its connected with Inde Airlines. Later, it would be revealed that Aakash is an agent of DIB who is associated with Inde Airlines to crack the Mission 2877,” adds our source.

It would quite exciting for the viewers to watch how the drama unfolds.

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