She’s not been shot for now, but things will soon start looking better

In the recent episode of Reporters, Kabir (Rajeev Khandewal) and Ananya (Kritika Kamra) get kidnapped by the bhaagis. They were going to take their interview, but the bhaagis tricked them and kidnapped them instead.

When the bhaagis realised that the cops are already hunting for them, they changed the location of their hideout and took Ananya and Kabir along. On their way, Ananya realises that she has lost her necklace, when she tries to run back bhaagi Madhavnath shoots her. Well she doesn’t die nor does she get injured.

They settle down at the new location away from the cops and somewhere in the jungle. Kabir and Ananya talk and decide to become friends if they manage to come out of this mess alive. Kabir tries to create a rift between the bhaagis and make them turn on each other. During the tussle between them he snatches their gun, holds their leader at ransom and runs away with Ananya – so filmi.

Well it is still unknown if the two will come out of it safely or not, but their relationship will definitely improve. In fact, Kabir will even go ahead to help Ananya find her father. Stay tuned to this space to find out what happens next.