This is what Reema Lagoo, who was shooting for the sequence, had to endure.

Star Plus’ Naamkarann, was recently in the news for the intriguing promo where Dayavanti (Reema Lagoo) thinks of committing suicide by setting herself ablaze, rather than watching his son (Viraf Phiroz Patel) marry Asha (Barkha Bisht Sengupta).

The promos caught the eye of the viewers and the track raised the required amount of curiosity. Then came the news of the producer of the show Mahesh Bhatt going on the sets of the show for the shoot of the key sequence.

But as luck would have it, the sequence did backfire a bit and actress Reema Lagoo ended up burning her hands. The unit had taken proper precautions or else the situation would have gotten out of the hand.

Reema was wearing a cotton saree which caught fire. And in an ‘in the moment action’ the actress started dousing the flames with her bare hands and inflicted but injuries on herself.

The actress is now fine and on the road to recovery. The actress was quoted as saying, “I am fine now and back to work. The saree caught fire because of the cotton material and the way it was spreading was really scary. So I tried dousing it with my hand without thinking. But Thank God, the wound is not deep. It should heal in 4-5 days.”

Reema also went to lengths of completing her shot first and then getting her wounds dressed up.