The sweltering heat and humid weather in Delhi did not deter actors Siddharth Arora and Nikhil Ratnaparkhi from shooting the first sequence of their upcoming TV show “Krishan Kanhaiya” here at Red Fort.

The SAB TV show, which will go on air in June end replacing “Peterson Hill”, will feature a unique god and man relationship, where the common man (Nikhil) asks questions about his “not very successful and satisfying” life from lord Krishna (Siddharth).

Does it sound similar to 2012 film “OMG – Oh My God!”?

Siddharth says the story of “Krishan Kanhaiya” is different.

“Maybe the similarity is between the fact that there also god comes to answer questions of a common man. But the show has a totally different storyline. We will feature a different story to each question,” Siddharth told here.

“The story of the show revolves around these two characters. A common man has lots of questions that he wants to ask from god. Some questions maybe hypothetical, some of them maybe routine questions. Also, some questions are out of the inquisitiveness a person has inside him,” he added.

On the last leg of their four-day shooting schedule here, Siddharth and Nikhil were shooting at the Red Fort, where Kanhaiya Lal (Nikhil) gets a call from Krishna to meet him.

“In the opening act, people will see how lord Krishna enters the life of Kanhaiya while sitting beneath a tree and playing the flute. This Krishna is in a very modern look, but there will be scenes where he will be shown in his contemporary look, when he has to make Kanhaiya believe that he is god,” said Siddharth, who was dressed in a bright yellow coat matched with white shirt and trouser.

In the capital, the team has shot outside and inside the Red Fort.

“We needed it in our background. Also, we have shot a scene on the terrace of a hotel here,” Siddharth added.

How about their experience with Delhi’s heat?

Siddharth said: “I’m from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), so I’m used to such kind of weather. But we have been taking every precaution to keep ourselves healthy. I’ve applied sunscreen and have been keeping a regular check on light food, coconut water and juices. We have used all ‘desi’ remedies to keep ourselves healthy.”

But not to be missed were coolers to take care of the crew.

Nikhil is happy about playing Kanhaiya Lal.

Describing his role, he said: “He is a person who is not very successful in his life. He is not much educated and well settled because of some reasons. He belongs to the middle class and is not satisfied with his life and day-to-day work. So, he wants answers from god to why his life is not much successful and satisfying.”