It’s a ‘war zone’ formed in & TV’s historical show Razia Sultan (Swastik Productions), as Iltumush (Sooraj Thapar) and Nasir (Mohit Abrol) have declared war against each other.

Razia (Pankhuri Awasthy) has her task cut out as she has decided to go to Ghazni to stop the impending war between her father and brother. However, Shah Turkan (Sambhavna Seth) has other evil plans under her sleeve, and she will not allow Razia to come anywhere near Ghazni.

Hence, Turkan will appoint a man who can never get hurt, Zangoora, essayed by Liliput to kill Razia (as reported by us).

However, things will not proceed as per her plan for Turkan. Instead, it will break the heart of Razia, as the assassin will kill Razia’s close friend instead.

Yes, in the attack that will happen, Zangoora will end up killing Razia’s close friend Chanda (Simran Kapoor).

Our source says, this will be a very emotional moment for Razia, to see her friend breathing her last.

How will Razia avenge her friend’s death?

We tried contacting Pankhuri, but she remained unavailable for comment.

We hear that the sequence of Chanda’s death will be shot in a day or two.