We are barely four days into the Life Ok mega show, ‘Ghulam‘ starring Param Singh, Niti Taylor and Vikas Manaktala in the lead roles and there has been no shortage of drama, action and twists already.

Rangeela (Param Singh) has already met Shivani (Niti Taylor) and has fallen for her and the upcoming track will change the credentials completely for the trio.

According to sources, it will so happen that Shivani’s marriage will be discussed by her uncle-aunt and Shivani’s motto would be to marry the guys whom her parents will choose for her and dedicate herself only to that person, who will be her husband.

On the flip-side, Bheema (Bhagwan Tiwari) would ask Rangeela (Param Singh) to get a girl for Veer’s (Vikas Manaktala) marriage, as the marriage with Rashami (Sarika Dhillon) that was supposed to happen did not happen.

Rangeela, who has fallen for Shivani would feel it painful but choose Shivani for Veer, as it is his master that matters to Rangeela the most.

But, there will be a twist in the tale, as Bheema will ask Rangeela to marry Shivani first and then bring her to marry Veer.

As he is the slave, he has to marry Shivani first and then make her available for Veer. Rangeela, being the dedicated slave he is, would coax Shivani’s aunt by bribing her with money which will be agreed by her aunt.

Shivani will be shattered to know that she is being made to marry Rangeela and thus the ‘awkward marriage’ will happen.

This will enable Shivani’s entry to Behrahampur where atrocities are awaiting her..!