We in talks with Gaurav Chopra to know about his monsoon experience and memories related to the monsoon.

Monsoon is the season that is loved by all for its scenic beauty that is seen. But most of the time it turns out to be annoying too, as it causes hurdles in the lives of people, especially the ones who are traveling during the rainy season.

On the same we got in touch with the actor Gaurav Chopra who is last seen in Colors’ popular show Uttaran talk about his monsoon love, his must visit during monsoon and much more.

Let’s have a look on what he said…

Rainy season for me is: Book reading time when I am alone.

Precautions that I take during Monsoon: Not really as I am not someone who likes to get wet in the rain.

My memories related to Monsoons: Last year I had been for a bike ride in Goa and took 2 days off. It was lot of fun there staying next to the beach during rains.

My favorite visit during Monsoon: Mahabaleshwar, middle of forest, it is scenic in monsoon.

My Monsoon Holiday: North east as it is known as rain forest.

Must carry things in Monsoon: Shoe or Slipper that is water proof.

My monsoon music: Melodious and soft, good lyrics that goes with word that touches at heart.

My monsoon special Khaana: Nothing specific, no crave for food; Pakoda with tea will do for me.

My monsoon tip for the readers: Be little careful as monsoon encourages insect growth. Leave little early for home, take care of your phones as monsoon may damage your phones so stay alert in this season.