We in talks with Nandish Sandhu to know about his monsoon experience and memories related to the monsoon.

Monsoon is the season that is loved by all for its scenic beauty that is seen. But most of the time it turns out to be annoying too, as it causes hurdles in the lives of people, especially the ones who are traveling during the rainy season.

On the same we got in touch with the actor Nandish Sandhu who is seen in Colors’ popular show Beintehaa to talk about his monsoon love, his must visit during monsoon and much more.

Let’s have a look on what he said…

Rainy season for me is: Blissful

Precautions that I take during Monsoon: I avoid eating outside junk food as there are chances that you are vulnerable for infections.

My memories related to Monsoons: During school days as a kid we were not bothered about clothes and falling sick, we just used to go out and get wet in the rain. Our bungalow had a roof where water used to get accumulated so we used to play in the water.

My favorite visit during Monsoon: Marine Drive and even Khandala as the scenic beauty is breathtaking when you see the mountains clad with water fall.

My Monsoon holiday: Goa, as during monsoon it is an off season so one can see scenic beauty there with no crowd.

Must carry things in Monsoon: A hair dryer, an umbrella, a plastic pouch for phones and wallet, deo or perfume.

My monsoon music: Anything that comes into the market.

My monsoon special khaana: I am conscious about my diet so would prefer tea, coffee and soups.

My monsoon tip for the readers: Enjoy monsoon, go out and get wet also take care of your health, carry a hair dryer to get rid off dandruff which occurs usually during monsoon.