Celebrations, revelations, tension, drama and much more as Sumi-Ragini’s truth gets exposed…

Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) are finally relieved as their roadblock Sahil, has been arrested in Swaragini! However, it looks like the makers of the show don’t really want the couple to have a happily after and so, chose to rather introduce some more drama in the show.

With Ragini (Tessawi Prakash Wayangankar) pretending to be pregnant for her mother Sumi, the family members will soon arrange a ‘Godh Bharai’ for her where the truth will come out. Swara and Sanskar will prepare for major celebrations and the duo will be seen performing at the function where Swara will show her moves on Bollywood number SolahShringhaar while Sanskar will present baby steps in a cute dramatic way.

Their happiness will soon be ruined as Parineeta will enter the function, hiding her face under the Ghunghat (veil). She will dance around Ragini and later, push her down. All will be worried when Parineeta will expose Ragini’s fake pregnancy drama. It will be a dramatic revelation when the fake stomach belly/pillow would be unveiled by Parineeta. Everyone including Swara will be angry on Ragini for betraying them once again.

So when will the drama end?

All this will be resolved when Annapurna will raise her hand to slap Ragini and Sumi, who had been hiding behind the wall will come and disclose the truth about her pregnancy in front of everyone. She will also inform that Ragini did all the drama just to save her respect.
Will the Maheshwari family be able to forgive Ragini? Stay tuned to know more…