Evilness knows no bounds, especially when it comes to vamps of TV shows. After trying her level best to make a place for herself in the Modi house, Radha (Bhavini Purohit) will now plan another trick in Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

As seen in the last episodes, the family had planned to frame Radha of murder by feigning Urmi’s (Vandana Vithlani) death. Although everything had gone by superbly, some last minute goof ups had let the cat out of the bag. Now Radha would be really angry at these developments and plan to take revenge on the family.

Shares a source, “To change the game completely Radha would very smartly call Urmi out for some work and kidnap her.”

And as Urmi will be made a hostage, Radha will be seen torturing her to the core. She would also call the family and instead of monetary ransom she would ask them to accept her in the family as Jigar’s (Vishal Singh) wife.

Will the family accept Radha’s demand or get out of the murky situation?

We spoke to Bhavini who said, “All of you should watch the show to know what Radha does next.”

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