Viewers of Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali, shall witness how Radha is making her efforts to win back LD’s trust and love…

Rajshri Productions’ popular show Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali on Life OK, is creating curiosity among audience with its leap track and intriguing twists and turns.

As per the ongoing track, Radha has come back in LD’s (Samridh Bawa) life and also in his house. She promises Dadaji (Alok Nath) that she will bring LD’s happiness back and will not let their family members part ways.

Lets’ see what Radha will do to fulfill her promise –

Our source says, “Radha (Pranali Ghogare) will come to know that Neha is creating the difference amongst the family members and she is the reason behind the partition. Thus, Radha will confront Neha where she will challenge Radha that she will send her back to Mumbai. Radha will be worried but however, will accept the challenge.”

“Radha will try to come closer to LD during the puja, but LD will keep a distance from her though he still cares and loves her. Sadhna (Dolly Sohi) will try to bridge the gap between Radha and LD but LD will continue with his behavior and insult Radha. To win the challenge, Radha will make LD realize his love for her again but all her efforts go in vain as LD is in no mood to forgive her,” adds the source.

Will LD ever forgive Radha?

Time will tell everything.

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