Beautiful and talented Mahima Makwana, who is currently essaying the lead role of Rachna in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (SSLK), shared with us how her character has become a youth icon.

Mahima said, “I am very happy that the character of Rachna has evolved. Initially, she was quite, shy, scared but now she is opening up in front of the world. It is a drastic change in Rachna’s character as she has become more confident and independent.”

She continued, “Initially Mahima and Rachna were different but now they are similar as Rachna has developed confidence and she is more determined like Mahima. My character has started moving on and she has also become an inspiration for the youth.”

When we asked the actress which show was the biggest competition for SSLK, “We are not competitor that we compete with other shows. I just feel that we should keep working hard and give our best. Once we even had 4.5 TRP so every show has its own reputation,” she said.

Mahima likes singing so we asked her if she has any plans of becoming a playback singer, “I used to sing on the sets and my co-stars like Roopal, Piyush and Vaishnavi ji liked it. But I don’t have any plans as such. I sing when I am very happy,” she said.

When we asked her about her equation with her co-stars, she said, “My equation with all my co-stars is very good and we are like a family so we share a great bond off-screen. I work with wonderful and experienced people and have learnt a lot from everyone.”

You are getting a third hero on the show, so what is your take on this? Mahima said, “Oh god! I am speechless because whenever I get a hero and the chemistry starts building up, creatives plan something else so I also don’t understand this logic.”

We asked her about her hobbies when she was not acting. She said, “I study because I have only two things to do, acting and studying. I am giving my tenth boards so now I have to concentrate on my studies.”

We wish the youngster good luck with her studies and television career.