Iqbal Khan gets emotional as fans take up to Twitter to express their despair on Pyaar Ko Ho Jane Do going off-air!

With the news report about Sony TV pulling off ‘Pyar Ko Ho Jane Do’ starring Iqbal Khan and Mona Singh on January 22, the fans have expressed their rage on social media over campaigns such as #BoycottSonyTV and DoNotEndPKHJD.

With concern to fans expressing their discontent on the show going off air, We spoke to the protagonist Iqbal Khan in a candid conversation about his experience, shooting for ‘Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do’.

Iqbal shared, “I have felt a close connect and am proud of all the shows that I have done so far, but ‘Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do’ is something which is closest to my heart as I always wanted to be a part of something unique as this. The set of the show had positive vibes and I must say that I have made friends for life on this show, specially my co-star Mona Singh, who is as crazy as I am.”

Stating his viewpoint on the Twitter war, the actor said, “Frankly speaking, ‘Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do’ was a finite series and was scheduled to end in March 2016. But the show is a product of the channel and it is completely their call. All I want to say is that the response could have been better if the show was promoted well. When I saw the response on Twitter, I felt emotional to see how much people love and respect my work. I hope this only grows more, as this is a driving force to keep me going in my career.”

Well said, Iqbal!