It’s time for some intense drama in Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde (Scaling Height Productions) with Purab (Nikkhil Chaddha) going through a complete makeover in terms of attitude and look.

As we know, the man has faced a lot of dejection with the girl he loves (Mehar) rejecting him out rightly. Now Purab will face yet another tragedy at the hands of Sameer’s look-alike Iqbal( Karam Rajpal), owing to which his career will be at stake.

Well, the biggest twist in the tale will happen very soon with Purab losing his army job.

A source states, “Purab was given the task of exposing Iqbal’s secret mission. However, Purab will fail to do so in the coming episodes. Hence, the army would suspend Purab from his job.”

This will anger Purab a lot, and he will spell revenge. With this, Nikkhil Chaddha’s character in the show will turn completely negative.

In order to incorporate the change in the feel of the character, Nikkhil has gone in for a look change too. The clean-shaven and cute looking army man Purab will now be seen in a very rugged and unshaven look, in a typical anti-hero mood.

We tried calling Nikkhil to know more on his character change, but could not get through to him.

Here is a look at his earlier look and how he will appear now.

How will Purab decide to avenge Mehar (Gulki Joshi)?

Watch this space to know on it.