In Tonight’s Episode, Bigg Boss will introduce a new task to the contestants, wherein, Gautam and Dimpy will be selected as reporters by Bigg Boss, who will be interviewing the inmates.

It was already shown in yesterday’s promo that in the forthcoming episode while performing the task, there will be a word fight between Ali and Gautam, where Ali will refuse to answer Gautam’s question and will ask him to talk properly.

Now we provide you with some more alerts that during the task, when Gautam will ask Puneet about his opinion on Dimpy, the angry ‘old’ man of the house will call Dimpy to be a “master planner, who knows the game very well”.

Puneet also would mention that Dimpy is the one, who constantly conspires against other team mates and creates rift between the members. Gautam, who will be posing as the reporter will be seen to agree with Puneet on this note.

This is not the first time, when Dimpy has been accused of such action. Earlier also many house mates accused Dimpy of trying to create rift between others.

Hmm, now with some more gossips and fights, we are sure that tonight’s episode is going to be an interesting watch.