One of its kind concept presented to the audience, Pukaar – Call For The Hero, is quite gripping and very intriguing.

Pukaar – Call For The Hero

Mon & Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Life OK.

Producer: Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Director: Deven Bhojani

Cast: Rannvijay Singh, Raj Babbar, Adah Sharma, Prashant Narayanan, Kiran Karmarkar, Shubhangi Latkar, Vipin Sharma, Dishank Arora, Manish Nawani

Story till now: This action drama revolves around Major Rajveer Shergill (Rannvijay Singh). Rajveer, a brave heart soldier is trying to win his father’s (Raj Babbar) love, since his father blames him for his brother’s Yuvi’s (Dishank Arora) death. Torn between love for his family and guilt of being responsible for brother’s death, Rajveer tries to keep himself away from home. On repeated requests from his younger brother Rohan (Manish Nawani), Rajveer reluctantly decides to attend his father’s 60th birthday celebration. Though he is warmly received by his mother (Shubhangi Latkar) and brother Rohan, his father is still not ready to forgive him. Before the birthday party, a family friend Mr.Pradhan (Kiran Karmarkar) asks Rohan who is a lawyer, to attend a meeting with a client at his office. Unfortunately Rohan stumbles upon a conspiracy of builder mafias which puts his life under threat. While everyone at home is busy in b’day celebration, Rohan is held captive by the goons of Rastogi (Prashant Narayan). Rajveer decides to bring back his only brother from the vicious Rastogi and the chase begins. Amidst all this chaos Rajveer’s solitude, finds company in his childhood sweetheart, Aarti (Adah Sharma) who is his only support and stands by him.

What works- From the very first scene, Pukaar grabs your attention. Rannvijay looks fit as an Army Major and does action sequence convincingly. Casting of this show is superb. Look of the show is grand and most of the time you forget that you are watching a TV show and not a film. It’s no wonder that ace actor like Raj Babbar decided to make his TV debut with ‘Pukaar’. Though her role is comparatively small, Adah Sharma is noticeable as Aarti and shares an easy chemistry with Rannvijay. Big screen’s acclaimed baddie Prashant Narayan does a commanding job as Rastogi. His mere presence on screen is chilling. Ace action director Allan Amin gets the credit for mind-blowing action sequences. The chase sequences in the by-lanes of Mumbai can keep the audience on edge. The script is fast moving and takes the story forward with ease. Vipul Shah has succeeded in bringing the 70mm effect in our drawing room with Pukaar- Call For The Hero’!

What doesn’t work – Twice weekly dose of this amazing action drama might not be sufficient for the adrenaline junkies. Also, at some place, you are tend to compare it with producer’s own movies like ‘Holiday’, ‘Force’ or ‘Commando’ which are of same subject- Army man caught in regular city life and it’s problems.

Our Take- This show is a must watch for all, who are bored to death with saas-bahu sagas and want to enjoy action dram on their small screen. Though it is a TV show, the makers have treated it with much more grandeur. The casting is perfect and script is enthralling. Pukaar-Call For The Hero’ is definitely worth watching!