Sanaya Irani who is enjoying her break these days post her show Rangrasiya, speaks about her journey and fun times spent on set in this exclusive chat with us.

September is the month of several shows going off air and bidding a farewell to their viewers. Life OK’s Baawre, Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasman, Star Plus’s Saraswatichandra, SAB TV’s Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai, Sony TV’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan and next on list is Colors Rangrasiya. With Rangrasiya airing its last episode today, we got in touch with this versatile actor Sanaya Irani to know about her journey in the show. This actor par excellence who has won millions of hearts by her acting speaks about her fond memories spent on sets, bonding with the co-actors and a lot more. Read on!

How was the journey of Rangrasiya?

It has been a great journey. I got an opportunity to work with the most talented co-stars in the show. I still remember, I felt the same what I am feeling today while I was doing Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? too. You do scenes and when you have actors equally talented, it just makes the scene seem so amazing. I have felt that in Iss Pyaar Ko… and in Rangrasiya too. I am going to miss that a lot because my work means a lot to me and when I get to do good work and good scenes, it makes me very happy. So I am going to miss that the most in Rangrasiya. I have made some wonderful friends here, met some wonderful people. I am feeling bad that I will not be able to work for my most favorite producer Saurabh Tewari. He truly is a wonderful person.

Your journey in Rangrasiya has come to an end; are you full of emotions?

I love this show and am much attached to it. But by now I have got used to this (chuckles). I have done four shows back to back, so I have got kind of used to it. I am just taking as a part of life.

When you go back the memory lane, do you remember your first day of shoot?

Yes, yes, I remember! It was a crazy day when Goldie made me do like a thousand takes for a particular scene. So yes, that was really very crazy.

A peculiar thing about the show that we saw was you wore the same costume for a very long time. What do you have to say about that?

I think that was the main reason the show did not do well on the TRP charts because I was seen in the same costume (laughs). But on a serious note, that was one of the best times I have spent while shooting. I got to do some really good scenes in that costume. So specifically, I like that costume for the scene that I did wearing it.

Some fond memories spent with your co actors…

In every show of mine, we have sat together and have had crazy lunch. That is the one time we sit together and talk so much nonsense. So yes, we are really going to miss this. Digging into each other’s Tiffin’s, kisiki meethi daal toh kisiki teekhi daal. We are going to miss all of that.

Any of your funniest moment you would like to share…

We have had a lot of funny moments. Ashish (Ashish Sharma) and I have laughed a lot during this entire journey. Actually that is something that has happened in all my shows because all of them have been romantic shows and romantic scenes are very awkward to do. So, you are very awkward while shooting but generally with me I find it very funny and I keep laughing because I always had co-stars with whom I have been very comfortable with. They are like my friends. So, the awkwardness goes away into humor. You are trying to cover your awkwardness by laughing.

Ashish and me burst out laughing like every second-third scene; till the last day I was like ‘Ashish please do not look at me.’ Or at times we just crack some stupid jokes just before our scene and we cannot stop laughing. Yeah! We have had those kinds of weird moments on sets.

So now what next after Rangrasiya?

I am hoping for another good show; something bigger and something better. I truly am very proud of doing a show like Rangrasiya. The show was very demanding for an actor and I was so happy to give that. I want to do something like that and I want another show like that that excites me. If someone comes up and asks me whether you still want to do Rangrasiya? And I would sign on that contract five times. I am that happy doing a show like this. I think what I have got in these nine or ten months of the show, I do not think I would have got it in three or four years of any normal regular daily show.

Lastly, any message to your fans?

Thank you guys for loving me in whatever I do; sometimes it is weird stuff sometimes it is good. But you guys still love me so thank you so much. Thank you for watching the show. I know a lot of you are going to miss this show terribly but well life goes on I guess and you will have much cooler shows and nicer shows and you guys will have much more to watch. I love you all.

We wish Sanaya Irani all the good luck for her future endeavors!