Actor Mrinal Dutt, who will be seen as the male lead in TV show Private Investigator, is bitten by the travel bug. The actor is travelling extensively across India to prepare for his character as a detective.

In the show, Mrinal will be seen as a criminal psychology student named Raffe Roy Chaudhary, who helps inspector Adhekam Tiwari (Vrajesh Hirjee) solve crime cases.

Hence, Mrinal is out to explore the nation to understand the mannerisms and behaviour of people on the advice of Sourabh Ratnu, the man behind the concept of the show.

“It was Sourabh Ratnu’s idea who suggested that I travel to different places to observe people. I travelled through local buses, trains, got into coffee shops to observe and to follow people. The objective was to follow people and see what they are up to, which is exactly what Raffe is an expert at,” the actor said in a statement.

The Star Plus show will beam Dec 7.