Evicted contestant Minissha Lamba shares her experience of being a contestant in Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8.

Popular actress Minissha Lamba has completed her journey in Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 as she got evicted this week. Minisha underwent through various ups and downs while she was staying inside the house for six weeks. While she made some friends inside the house, she also got miffed with some unexpected situations and behavior of inmates.

We spoke to Minissha to know more about her experience in the house, her views about the inmates and much more…

Minissha says, “It has been a great experience. It was extremely tough but I was mentally prepared; I don’t know how the situation would be but I will be myself and I stood strong. My motive to enter the house was to let people know who I really was. It’s a personality based reality show where people get to know who we are personally. I think at this point in my life, this is something I would really open myself up to.”

“The tasks were very good and well created. They were extremely competitive,” adds Minissha when we asked her views about the tasks.

Minissha has been linked up with contestant Arya (Arya Babbar) that also created some controversies inside the house. When asked Minissha about it, she said, “I would like to say that Salman sir (Salman Khan) himself came on the show and clarified the whole misconception that the inmates had. So, I don’t need to say anything beyond that.”

We also asked her as who is playing the game well according to her. She said, “Playing would be the wrong term. I think two people who are being loved a lot are Pritam (Pritam Singh) and Gautam (Gautam Gulati). They are being themselves and doing what they do and I think people are loving them. They are promising contestants according to me.”

Some of the eliminated contestants do wish to enter the house again through a wild card entry. We wondered whether Minissha would like to enter the house again through a wild card entry and what does she get to learn from the show. She said, “In my opinion when your journey comes to an end then its an end forever. I think I have achieved what I wanted to and I am really happy now watching the show from outside as an audience. I have just got out of this one and I am enjoying life from outside right now. I think six weeks is really a long time especially when you are living in that situation. The audience get to see us for just an hour a day but we are living there for the entire day as contestants. Now I will just relax and enjoy. I have got to learn how you are under various situations and who you really are under various situations.”

We wish Minissha all the best for her future endeavors!