Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Humsafars (4 Lions Films) has been presenting some exciting plot lines for the viewers. With the entry of Nasheen Khan, who plays Samaira, the estranged girlfriend of Zaki (Sehban Azim), the plot will thicken in the coming days.

Falling prey to the situation will be Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) who will once again find herself in a misunderstood situation.

As viewers would know, Samaira is pregnant with Zaki’s child and this development has left the latter in a lurch as he is trying his best to sort out the sudden shock of becoming an unwed dad.

Shares a source, “In the coming episodes, Zaki will be discussing the matter with Arzoo when Kurti Aapa (Zeena Bhatia) will overhear the conversation. She will assume that Arzoo is pregnant and since she already detests the girl, she will decide to make a scene out of her assumption.”

Kurti Aapa will call the family together and tell them that Arzoo is carrying Zaki’s child leaving everyone shocked. Arzoo not wanting to give up on her friend Zaki’s secret will try her best to prove her innocence but all in vain. Sahir (Harshad Chopda) will also believe Kurti Aapa and show his displeasure at the situation.

How will Arzoo manage the situation? Will Zaki’s secret be revealed?

We tried calling Shivya but she remained unavailable to comment.