We all have heard instances about ‘on set’ paranormal experiences narrated by actors. Recently, another beautiful actress had a similar spooky rendezvous.

Well, we are talking about beautiful Preetika ‘Beintehaa’ Rao.

We will hear the tale from Preetika which apparently unfolded while she was filming for the above show at Khandala Ghats in Film City, Mumbai.

“It happened few days ago when we went to Film City for our shoot. During break time I was sitting with one of my crew members, busy chatting on my phone. All of a sudden someone tapped on my head. Instantly when I looked back I could not find anyone. I even looked upwards to check if any object fell on the ground but nothing of that sort happened. Then I asked my crew guy if someone came to pull a prank on me. But even he did not see anyone and got freaked out. Later he shared that the place is haunted. It scared me for a moment and I went and joined my other cast and crew to be safe.”

She continued, “This was not the first time when I experienced something eerie. During my childhood I went to my uncle’s place in Pune. At night I saw my cousin standing near the window. I thought maybe she’s not sleepy and came for a walk. But when I looked back she was not there. It was very scary and I wasn’t dreaming about it. Next morning when I asked her of being in my room, she declined. It freaked me out.”

Preetika seems like you have managed to find some admirers in the other world too (wink wink)! Stay safe and ghost free. Cheers.